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I have detailed this case at some length as I think it
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statements if every British practitioner who has experience of
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use of domestic remedies among which was the maguey Dr.
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cine. He delivered the Harveian Oration at the College of Phy
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thesmallness of the spot will limit the pupil so that a large
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of what he says. Ulcerations of the os uteri are very rare.
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fender when she felt something give way in the abdomen. She
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nant and non malignant or that the application of caustic could
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may do well enough when rich rewards and sounding names
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with the functions of the cerebrum. He adverted to a case that
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ropean Bengal Fusiliers the Hth Light Dragoons and the th
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tain their epithelial contents and the transition from the
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ought to have reduced their mortality to a far lower point
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remarkable illustrations of this feature of the disease was
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recently he was among us full of life and hope. He has perished
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Mr. Pollock s own showing to the class of uterine disease the
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the number of blood vessels whose over distension leads to