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The Renal System. — In this are changes due to the febrile state, which

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yet noticeably frequent. Elevation is of no importance, as the disease

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vibrios can be found in masses on the surface of the culture after ten or

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spleens more than doubled (55.4 per cent.). He also found that only 17.9

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row bounds as may be to the consideration of the particular

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centre. The truth of this is shown by the fact that an injection of morphia

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alarmingly high death-rate of tracheotomy, commenced his experiments on

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though it will always be important for propagators of vaccine. Vaccination

dutasteride hair loss results

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albuminuria. Dr. John Mason reports a case of albuminuria

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among the most common being the colon bacillus, streptococci, staphy-

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associated with ulceration and the deposit of a large amount of mucus.

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had liver abscess; of 3.644 patients, 19 (0.52 per cent.) had cirrhosis of the

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while the examiner is occasionally obliged to tell him that

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latter had become united with the corpuscles. In this way may be explained

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companies have the advantage of such examiners' good work;

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and the Esquimaux also seem to be very susceptible, whereas the INIalays,


be found or the patient will have previously suffered from malaria.

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^Reed and Carroll, Journal of Experimental Medicine, vol. v, No. 3, December,

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treated 85 per cent, died of pneumonia and pleuritis, while only 12 per cent,

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the after care, the auricle and contiguous skin of the scalp and face should be

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troops in Port Arthur, was caused by the first type and only a few cases

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as to pain and tenderness, and if he is in a place where constant watching is

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able to multiply. But the whole matter is so involved with the difficult

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It seems, in fact, unnecessary to separate this from the second group, of

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of the epidermis (or rather of the horny layer) by an exudation. The lesions

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others, believe that the cause of the cUsease is some form of protozoan.

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two cover-glasses. The diplococcus of pneumonia stains well with Gab-

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(6) "Two, two weeks after the operation; one, six weeks

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ceases altogether, so that the patient is restored to health and

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some of the very best examiners an average of less than $3.

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Whether these sums are too large or too small is a question

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depends more on toxicity, — i.e., the production of diffusible, absorbable

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the most important and interesting of the disease. The older writers were well

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men, because of the peculiarity of many complaints with

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Its utilization must be directed especially to the prevention of the subse-

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whereas feeding with spores resulted in anthrax. The cholera vibrio is

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the eruption, the importance of the recognition and the isolation of such

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Complication and Sequelae. — Parotitis occurs often in severe cases, and

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grow, forming colonies which in time may overshadow the characteristics

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slipping of the gag. The operator then takes the introducer in the right

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little or much, or exceed the ordained time by a fortunate

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