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Form of Funnel Chest, with Report of Cases." The speaker
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the first and presenting new facts, and in this note he
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of their fellow beings. When consideration is given to
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This is a new candidate for professional favour; and emanates from the
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ing experimentally, by infection or intoxication with the colon
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thought he could expel the air from the auricle through the incision in the
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danger to herself or her child, or to both, and the arrival of a second ac-
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Transposed Bectum. — A case of transposition of the rec-
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son Tait, who solved the same kind of operative difficul-
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The records of the health office show that during this
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charge of water accelerate the waste of the nitrogenous elements of
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were not moved, he was ordered the next day a solution of epsom salts, and
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side singly or in groups, asking alms. The roads fre-
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Left side, respiration posteriorly and anteriorly nearly normal. Right side, ^
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.\nd here lies the importance of the whole situation.
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the origin, therefore, of the tumor proper, however it is started,
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ands of pharmacies of this country, is sure to vary
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decisive symptom was perceptible, the antisyphilitic treatment was aban-
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ascertained to be 1 to 4i, has not been commonly observed; and most of the
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and would begin with irrigations of a strength of \ to 32,000,
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Carolina ; 5 from Alabama ; 3 from Florida ; 1 from Louisiana ; and 1 from
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the end of an hour the whole hand was swollen, and the pain had extended
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membrane was easily detached, beyond which the injected state of the ves-
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danger to the community. Among those who are expected to
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paid little attention to the injury, the pain disappeared