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line said he agreed with Mr. Bullock that its decomposition was
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longer the case is neglected the more does this obstruction
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It is only in the concluding stages of ovarian tumour when
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removed large masses of hair and string from the stomach and duo
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pauper lunatics in asylums registered hospitals and licensed
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Journal of the th there were no symptoms of poisoning by opium
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Hewett when curator of the hospital museum was the first to
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feeling that he made a valuable addition to the medical
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bladder expends its chief expulsive force in driving the
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balance with such testimony surely it was his duty to give the
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it for so long a time her general health having greatly suffered in
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maladies to this destructive process as well as those made by Mr.
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of lime seemed to be combined with disturbance of the respiratory
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magnesium and also with ammonia I shall get both the
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brush away their discoloured portions which left beneath a super
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illustrate the impropriety of exhibiting the acid in an acute
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of the kidney but much on this subject was to be inferred from
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rather incline me to doubt whether it is ever likely to become
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eruption. After stating that the eruption in cjuestion some
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animals. When the vapour was present to the extent of S percent
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am about to relate but not having preserved any notes of
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tions has beeu collected to illustrate this important subject.
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has a direct hearing upon certain views with regard to the physio
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its escape into the uterus and that it may be impregnated during
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said has its most frequent necessity in the condition here I
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and came into the hospital under Mr. Bransby Cooper s
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substance of the vessel at least in a portion of its thickness
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weeks after entering upon the duties of physician s clerk in
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the bath. We think it worthy of notice that Dr. Annitage
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states the case very fairly witl regard to Hall and College men. An
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pass through many more will be enriched by observations made
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capacity they have been so eager to obtain as an ornament
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without entering into the merits of the remedy or analysing the
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vescence and on the second day of the attack a little wine. Her