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variably indicates the presence of fluids in the stomach.
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Professor Patrick Forbes's class on chemistry was attended by
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diphtheria. This question, raised by Galippe, must, in
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This patient had .struck his lioud upon a rail in falling from the
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days, very few will be lost. Very good apples can be bought in New-York, during
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surface inflammation. The wound was three inches behind the
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of the value of the microscope and of the thermometer in
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causing, a diffuse cellulitis in an unfortunate victim, and
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life, that I am constrained to present it for your consideration. The
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nacity of the vomiting, and the pains which continued after the expulsion
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parent cause, the patient began to expectorate great quantities
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shoulder, through the pressure of a crutch, and from exposure to cold ; occasionally
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which are supported by recent observation. He calls attention to Ber-
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of intestine. The left kidney was much engorged and some-
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public on these subjects, and to make known the injuries sustained by the
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from the real condition of the patient. The conditions which most
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5. When denuded surfaces are left after breaking down ab-
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by the microscope, an abundant amorphous precipitate is seen.
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Bouffleur, of Chicago, whom he accordingly nominated.
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O'Dwyer, P. M. O. of this district, gave us a picnic a few miles into
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We are all, naturally perhaps, but unduly prejudiced in favour
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and symptoms of degenerated walls. With these considera-
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not, therefore, greater than these authorities recommend ; and his criminality
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tively in NUD patients at least 6 mons after successful
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much pleasure in recommending this little work to all labourers in
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A total of 4,360 follow up investigations were initiated in
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the case first related, the tracheal secretion had been partially restored
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ten years in the right ear. The deafness commenced with a very severe
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is a fact which has been demonstrated by us in the past few
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average body-weight (in proportion to height), and will
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fcetal head to the pelvis, and in a still smaller class by the same condition
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the honor look upon it as evidence of merit, an over-
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which the operations would have been of little avail.
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strong cigars daily, occupying the interval of smokes with
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seldom absolute, and often is a mere paresis, or paresis with rigidity.
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per cent, chloroform was added. At the end of forty-
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disease, and may also be the result of tuberculosis, pneumonia,
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earth were crowded around to conquer her; but if it had been
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warrant the very ccmsiderable risk of such an operation. Long con-
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