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transmitted by post to the Secretary of the College as con
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secretion o urine was very scanty the faecal discharge continuing
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marked physical signs of a cavity in the upper part of
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alteration of the cLiuse in question. I had the honour to propose
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considerable exercise daily without pain or inconvenience.
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readily into the cellular tissue of the axilla than out of the
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that the deciduous membrane was merely the lining membrane
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assumed morbid condition of the blood it is important to
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reception and the forms prescribed by the above Act being
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incapability on the part of the uterus to furnish the same kind of
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of the system which may appear inflammatory it is only
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forward in a more temperate just and satisfactory manner.
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Powell having returned thanks the meeting separated.
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interesting to notice the state of the heart. The weight of
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istence or supposed existence of a hernia of which some instances
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citation which violent contraction of the muscular fibres occasions
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paralyse the heart by overcharging a portion of the blood. There
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The European lines are situated on a maidau or grassy plain
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and intensity of the exciting cause. It frequently happens
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liness of spirit and vigour of style deserves to be printed in letters
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his letter inserted in your Journal for February. The bulb of
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Sallow cachectic fair complexion body stout and well formed
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fact that we are compelled to acknowledge it as a law
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tioners in determining a question which may be submitted
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some portion of the mass was thus dissolved a delicate line exactly
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By ascertainins that the urine of reptiles consists wholly of uric
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cases the same result may be obtained by careful bandaging
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