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metabolism. In pernicious anaemia and in leukaemia, the protein metabo-

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7. Metnorial on the Subject of Cholera, and the means of

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stream than' in the opposite direction. Endocardial murmurs present a

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ignorance or want of training, and that the weak foot may

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the brilliant functional result of this operation. It can be asserted that

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sicians of this country to record the effects of our remedies in

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anger, and a voice trembling with feeling, he said,

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<Rev. gen. de med. vet., Toulouse (26), an. 2, v. 3, 15 Jan., pp. 58^59. [W*.]

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portion of the skin of the lid is included by two incisions, but left in place, in-

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most agreeable sentiments through the organ of hearing; soft,

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Special Pathology. — ^The pathologic changes that accompany nearly

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An experiment of Schklarewsky (Hermann, Handbuch der Physiologie,

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the humerus in eleven. Disease in the immediate neighbor-

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not human bodies, but apes as being most like men, or possibly

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the fear of great heights in the treatment of incipient

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canal; but their retention there may result in their

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quickly seized the stone, and brought out a large portion ; it broke,

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for pyloric obstruction, due to partial obstruction at X of efferent limb of

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shorten the round ligaments, the latter, in my ojnnion,

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If you are considering replacement of obsolete equipment

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and atheroma of the coronary arteries was suspected.

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able to diagnose some growth in the sacral canal exerting

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there is no doubt that the formation of gas bubbles is a

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minced fresh beef, and pancreas from a recently killed pig. These last

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(hydrorrachis externa). These affections, when congenital, are often combined

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past year have been in the direction of aural surgery,

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the strained juice of half a moderate sized lemon, will greatly

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^ order to keep the manpower in that pool “adequate for

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piratory cylinder. Within the respiratory chamber and

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The 2-ounce original bottle will keep fresh indefinitely, while the bulk

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of acute fat necrosis. Chicago M. Recorder, 1899, xvii,