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12. Inhalation of Nitrous Oxide.— E. E. Marcy, M.D., in the
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the valvular opening of the common bile duct into that intes-
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Case 2. — J. C, set. 34, a short, thick set, labouring man
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stomach can affect her heart, the patient will not ap-
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duct may be alleged is that in which physicians overstep
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time been noticed in our Journal, appears still to be in a pros-
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breadth, six inches ; circumference, twenty-one inches.
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covered with numerous florid granulations: the ulceration
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bark imported into that country is tested by the infusion of
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ventricles. If, under these circumstances, sound predomi-
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their being "stopped up." The appetite not disturbed,
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any excitement by noise or by conversation with him. It is
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and by simply being reassured that the swelling was
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ing was performed with a frightful hissing noise ; pulse 110
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induration of its tissue. The surface, likewise, is smooth
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The following resolutions were offered by Dr. Lucius
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tion, not offence, if they be proffered with politeness, and
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ascribe the blue gum line to the lead than to the mercury,
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Billings has added to our knowledge of the effect of
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I refer you to complete treatise in the references.
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has been much discussed, as "vve learn from the reports published
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less than the millionth part of a second. The fact that the
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peutic means that will best increase the centrifugal action
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pletely separated in this manner, and expelled with the head
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with the least amount of calories. The calories from the
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dome-shape cluster or colony of bacteria and yeast.
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ness accompanied by constipation. Under these circumstances,
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and closely wrapped in thick blankets. This application
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Since he first used antitoxin he has had one hundred
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Morbidity/Mortality Conference - 8:00 am, Fort Meade VA, Info: Surgical Section, 347-7145.
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accompany each article. Footnotes should conform with the requirements for manuscripts, and each manuscript
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The following, however, are the facts which I have been
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Assoc Dean, Creighton Univ CME Div, 601 N 30th St, Suite #2130, Omaha, NE 68131. Phone: (800) 548-2633.
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other troublesome conditions. It is in cases such as frequently
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categories: 1) alveolar hemorrhage in anti-basement
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on, and all this in the course of a few weeks. Then it was
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an identical question was asked about what a physician
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all comparable in clearness and conciseness with the book
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This law might be illustrated by reference to all moving equili-