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intendent of the South Dakota Hospital for the Insane, at
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this, the court adds that if the defendant should show, on the
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public and the individual health of favorable natural condi-
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the history of several families that exhibited genealogic
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As the case presented complex features and the limb
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who have laid great stress upon one or other symptom
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ning of the treatment, Sneve says that its physical effects are
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Leonard Weber, New York City ; "The Home Treatment of Tuber-
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likewise assume that, other things being equal, the slower
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as much more alcohol would have to be evaporated to
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protozoon, he thinks — studied in the .fresh state and
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left kidney; the urine remained alkaline or ammoni-
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the Soldiers' Home, Quincy, vice Dr. John J. Golden. Mt.
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sible to keep up the exercise more than a few minutes on ac-
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roots of the pneumogastric nerves, and the nerves which
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cheese, and the food is limited to barley or buckwheat with
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operation. The autopsy showed that on the left side,
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together and has discovered ways of seeing with the in-
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adnexa, varying from a simple endometritis to a metritis or
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and bacteriology are our only infallible guides. They
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strong attachment between uterus and abdominal wall
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the right ear, of several years' duration. During a recent at-
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the gullibility of the public in all things medical, by failing to
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jections. Dufour recently cured a severe case by subconjunc-
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line. Trismus was marked; she could scarcely separate the
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examination of the stomach and Intestines by the aid of the gyro-
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this practical application affords. How often the safety
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therefore, it could not be a true nitro body. It is in
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broadens the field for the .Cesarean section. On the
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May 11, and elected Dr. William A. Wilson, secretary, and Dr.
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that the cervical is the most dangerous region for opera-
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disease — tumor albus — signifies a clinical feature in
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permanent increase in the hehioglobin in phthisis, and, there-
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370 c.c. (12 oz.), had a specific gravity of 1006, and was neu-
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cepted by him. True, he paid $8 weekly, during the four weeks
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places the patient in the Sims' position and packs the vagina
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The canula wa^ left in place the second time and 1 gm. of pure
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oaths in matters pertaining to the administration of the quar-
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the eye was quiet, much of the remaining lens material was
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frequently the amputation of the anterior portion of
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does not appear from their researches that there is any definite
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nually?" The reply is, a volume of the annual trans-
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of about 100 degrees, though capable of being flexed to a
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proceedings and enhance the felicities of the occasion.
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well as sanitary affairs that affect the well-being of the
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