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mation of tissue elements so degraded in type so low in

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not leave me until all is explained and thoroughly elucidated.

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sponding results for the babies of the boiled cows milk series.

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We have those individuals who are small in all dimensions but whose

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At a special meeting of the Council by order of the

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sarcomatous tissue were cultivated. It was possible to keep cultures

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second outbreak of the disease because undoubtedly the sheep died

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their severest form quite compatible with the ordinary ethics of

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ture enable the matter to drain away as fast as secreted and

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die from irritation of the urethra and so on. But I believe that

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perience he had had in doing successful work in this

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been evident in the earlier periods following splenectomy.

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Prof. Gruber thinks it possible that there was an exudation press

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have been robbed of oxygen by the systemic digestion of the

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The adventitia and intima of the arteries were thickened the

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stomach besides depriving man of all spirits or optimistic

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etc. If we employ morbid lesions to designate the disease we regard

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L. Henneqnln s method of treating fnetures of the thub

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futilities still gravely prescribed by modern writers.

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Dr. McNaughton It seems to me that if properly applied it

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potato presence or absence of brownish discoloration of old gelatine

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and answer embracing the subjects essential to a thorough medical education. Written

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the whole apparatus over all other instruments being

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very simple measures are required to insure asepticism.

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local administration in the country. Many of them had been of a

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the first year and per cent in the Franco Prussian War

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ings sufficjently spacious for the residence and accom

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the educated judgment and skill possessed alone by the physician

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peritoneal cavity. It was accordingly determined to

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lowing conditions On opening the abdominal cavity it was found

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as complete human beings their mental acUvity though

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that simple t.yphoid was more fatal than typho malarial fever.

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acute stage is past and diphtheria is excluded. They are then

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synovial membranes rheumatic affections of the joints periostitis

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Medical Society the influence of irregular and unlicensed

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correctness of his own principles he removed the cyst

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obtained principally in Spain Italy Sicily and Russia. The active prin

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ates of a legally authorized and recognized veterinary school col

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months for assistance with silos. One of the most gratifying

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in every chapter between his predecessors and himself