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Tuberculous Peritonitis. — This has not uncommonly been a source of

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at longer or shorter intervals, usually in the same locality — relapsing ery-

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plicant's personal appearance, his manner, and his surround-


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(c) Reduction of Temperature. — Let it be clearly understood that, despite

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Albumin indicates an inflammatory condition and accord-

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are introduced into incisions made with a sharp knife. The result is never

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diagnosed as tuberculous meningitis clinically, tubercle bacilli were found in

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particular serum and another brand should be tried. Injections should

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expelled, the nature of the air currents, and the size and weight of the drop-

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Undoubtedly one of the most salutory events, so far as treatment is con-

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serious complication and is the cause of nine-tenths of the deaths. It may

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Ralfe says that, in functional albuminuria, the corre-

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namely, those occurring after labor or abortion. Pregnant women who have

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disease, I have yet to learn whether he found out the presence

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Simultaneous Vaccinia and Variola. — It was early observed that small-

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cases and was noted only in 4 of 105 autopsies, in 2 of which it was described

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unsettled, the evidence so far obtained points to the skin and to the mucous

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pulmonary and the joint involvement. Arthritis may appear at any stage,

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passive congestion, and the production thereby of a state of

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slant culture after twenty-four hours, mixed with 10 cc. sterile normal

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the onset, when it may be partly due to the difficulty in urination which

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^ The New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, May, 1900.

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in the majority and may be regarded as a complication. These occur from

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ity. First, because I hope to command your appreciative

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cedure is not too long delayed, but we cannot subscribe to its efficacy T\-ith

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Late Effects on the Circulatory System. — The view has been gaining

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by many of these patients, the fact that suppuration does not occur —

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It will be noted that extremes of temperature are to be feared; low or sub-

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or even a microscopic wound of the skin and mucous membranes. In chil-

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glomerulo-nephritis, and as explainable on the mechanical

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were vaccinated from the cornea of a rabbit in the thirty-sixth generation, and

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The Renal System. — In this are changes due to the febrile state, which

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The vast majority of these albuminurias are transient in character, and

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third, secondary affections due to streptococcaemia. The heart is frequently

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of the cells. The posterior nerve roots of the spinal cord may be the seat of

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severe attacks. Their lodgment on the cardiac valves has been estabhshed

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type. It is doubtful if Hippocrates recognized the disease. Aetius, a Greek

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tions noted above as referring to intravenous saline injec-

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