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plain his views on it which are ingenious enough but not correct.

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healthy a change in the feelings of the Society about chloroform.

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the Pharmacopceia of. These publications stamped the

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the extensive incisions of Liston are still recommended

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disturbance. It is not that the gouty joint or the haemorrhoid

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the glottis by means of a sponge. This was immediately assented

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their services and true dignity to the Profession of which

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Medical Times and G iztllc in the short editorial article of Feb

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Such names become familiar as household words and more

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lie long on their hands for the most part and their attendance is

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and had latterly led a veiy intemperate life. The operation

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from icthyosis. The history of the case will determine its

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nected with fracture may be considered as one of the rarest

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Sin Having found the accompanying apparatus of great use

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and this conjecture will be confirmed if crystals of uric acid or

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form consumed are of little importance and that insensibility may

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the progress of the case would be slow and much more pro

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The persistence of the symptoms for so long a period after

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lunatic b inquisition and also the difficulties and impediments

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nature and restrict mjself to the details of their local

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not as a matter of course to deep fissures and excavations which

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scientific pathological investigations as well as mere morbid

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medicine although wholly free from the local malady one

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Foot Staff surgeon of the nd class James Dickson to be sur

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public against the dishonesty neglect or unskilfulness of

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it was clear that this measure bad been insufticient urine

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for a certain niunber of days and then give the average of

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urine while the food or the income is going in and is used

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A WOMAN aged mother of three children had at the seventh

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be detected in consequerue of its being removed as soon as it is

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ham the Lord Chief Baron Sir P. Egerton Sir De Lacy Evans

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Dr. Crisp exhibited a child aged nine years who twelve months

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in my clinical observations to you. Some of them are im

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tumour was as nearly as possible the same as that of the

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a channel round the base but he preferred reflecting the integu

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all livers it ajipeared to be absent from the organ when it passed

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divides most illegally. ssistant surgeons into two classes

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proportion of instances the tumour will be found rom the

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a favourite pupil of Dr. Home. He took his degree in and

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amaurosis to the complete or incomplete partial or general para

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as regarded this disease of the uterine mucous membrane. Dr. Robert

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who made the munificent offer to the town of Nottingham men

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gles each subsequent one becoming more and more feeble they at

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pediment to cicatrization remaining active long after the

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surgeon to gain his unqualified approbation may be inspected at Mr. Bour

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Mutual Oflice vith the addition of an ample subscribed paid up capital

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months she desired to be relieved from this annoyance.

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Fisher Surgeon in Chief to the Metropolitan Police and Dr.

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