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flammation of the absorbent vessels of the foot and leg. It
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first addition of the liquor potassse. Urea like sugar
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illness. He had no connexion with any womap between
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Sir E. Home in which these bodies are spoken of as being found
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less than five had died while of seven exceeding sixty only two
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Medical Times and G iztllc in the short editorial article of Feb
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at present we have to do treats of the Organic Substrata of the
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score therefore both of its superior efficacy and of its expe
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Badeley suffered from a severe attack of toothache. Early in the
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substance of the vessel at least in a portion of its thickness
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was rapid but an extremely obstinate ulcer subsequently formed
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tion what would happen Let me take a watch glass and
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tarding or obstructing the flow of blood will induce dilata
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ficiency or condition than as a disease. He considered it
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more than a month at a time its recurrence varying from
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with our knowledge that many have chosen the latter course
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less marked. His pulse was fuller and quicker having risen to
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Queen s College on April. The Professors are pledged to recommend
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detached they were for the most part oval in form and varied iu
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report but still she complains of a good deal of pain at the
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When we examine carefully the enamel of teeth on which
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when the chance of haemorrhage was most imminent the
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urine. Tf I were to filter this liquid and tlien test it again
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hands of the different Medical Schools of the metropolis
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ing to their means and for which a proportionate sum will be
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cluding chapter of this part embraces the description and illustra
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communicating with sinuses and a considerable discharge
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formula for use though in some instances greater concen
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to their reduced contents and became confirmed in their diminished
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Dr. Mnrphy replied that it was not of frequent occurrence in
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and I think every impartial person must sympathise with and
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search after truth by close investigation he was soon convinced of the