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pear from the tale he records that he is somewhat gullible. It is
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not disturb the dressing till exactly a week aft r when I
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applied to the eye for the cure of catarrlial oplithalmia.
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performed it in the first mentioned case but as matters
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were almost always obscure two cases of which are recorded
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become opaque and tlie iris probablv to have become
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than that of the tubes themselves that they are not
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gentlemen who passed their examination in the science and prac
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usually exists and improving the form of the mouth of the patient.
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kick he had received three weeks before from one of his
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menstruate while nursing an infsnt at the breast provided she does
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membranous material adherent to the posterior surface of
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to be deplored but where much professional skill and
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The Examination of Candidates for the Degree of M.D. will be com
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There can be little doubt but that the disease which had
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the power of superseding that discharge in its functions why
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The Fellowship. The following are the subjects of the
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interesting facts of however trivial a natnrc culled from his observa
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of Dyson the defendant. It was proved in the cause that the
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meet the necessities of the case though I shall be happv if others
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ations were completed and I have only a single experiment
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to ounces but months elapsed before the normal quantity of dis
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too hard labour and for too much food. If too much food is
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tical men but scarcely admit of abstraction we come to a
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Post morler.i Examination ettjhteen hours after Death. The
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whi h carries with it an abrogation of the menstrual flux
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ing Animalcules a minute account of their structure propagation and re
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ovum was found in the right Fallopian tube and had a decidual
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have much satisfaction in stating that in the generality of
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Trutli should be the sole object of our discussions and all vain
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the same periods and the annual mortality percent of the average
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that they habitually begin as an affection of the areolar
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forming a correct diagnosis. It reminded him of a difficult case
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Establishments and Hospitals in EuRland and by some of the Hrst Practi