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I'hysiciau to the East Sussex, Hastings, and St. Lcomird's Infiimaiy.
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College of Physicians. Dr. Gowers has had exceptional opportunities for becom-
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had fed on crescent containing blood and which were dissected from three to thirty-
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position as an anesthetic — a position, it is true,
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drainage, rather than to attempt intermittent drain-
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managers. Why not male nurses, di.spensers, and Hospital
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years old, who c(»nplains of pains in the legs and difficulty in walk-
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y and Sweden, and in parts of Kussia, especially those
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pain more or less constantly. At times, namely, when she was
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These works are covered for the time with damp cloths : but there re-
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debates in the French Academy, three or four years ago,
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of the world. Roberts points out that an acute attack is often precipitated
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thereafter, will disperse throughout the United States for internship assign-
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speaker thought it more probable than an irradiation took place
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a succession of cases of pernicious malaria in a family
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ence. The tumor was on the left side, ascending as high as the
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cyanosis, rapid, iiregular pulse and rales (fine moist) at both bases.
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sergeants they must pass an examination as to (i) Physical con-
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as pos.sibIe, the thumb Ijeing in front and the fin-
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The calculated final averages for each of the three modes of observation
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ported in which rupture took place at the beginning of
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therapy employed. Inspection and cooperation by reputable physicians invited. Rates very reasonable.
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Project Title: Does Surgical Success in Children with Heart Disease
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considerable percentage of syphilitics is well known. That the reac-
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afterwards the two upper teeth on the left side r( ip
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by a decrease in the size of the primitive fasciculi, as exemplified
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though it very much increases the apparent size of an object, may yet give
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Annual Meeting, held at Congress Hall, Albany, June
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Staff-Surgeon, left it in 1849. and was for a short time Staff-
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beheve will be readily accepted, finds one of its best
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country, and especially in the vicinity of the lakes;
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in this particular; some more effective or persuasive method