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injection. Fifteen hours after the injection the dog

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on the affected side, is always diminished in these cases.

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cheeks and chin, which become reddened and shiny, and after a fe\f

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Kliuischu Beoliachtunijen iiber Abdominaltypbus. Jahrb.

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nearly at, the same days of the month, would seem to be connected

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occurred in the writer's own family, and that his hospital,

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the patient was unable to prevent, and which resembled the condition

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The above was Dr. McBride's examination. My own gave corroborative

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The disease is due to the Balantidium coli, but the method

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Sec. 8. — The House of Delegates shall have authority to

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Reference.— '"Zeitschr. fiir Prakt. Aerzte," Nos. 13 and 14, 1896.

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Other causes were found in decreasing numbers until

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hydrochlorothiazide side effects nih

render them supporters, instead of disturbers or destroyers of vitality.

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method were felt very acutely — as with certain winds, in

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He was now ordered to take \ lb. of brown sugar daily, which he did, partly

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the passage of the vitelline veins across its ventral boundary, that these

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Emotional Needs." She also presented a talk, "Rehabilitation through

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tive ; and curiously enough, it seems to combine also some tonic

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deer, and kangaroos — the disease causes 26% of all

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initial chill. Only eleven ounces could have been secreted since 9 o'clock

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fumes of pyrethrum or of burning sulphur — 2 lbs.

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of cases analysed is eighty-eight. In all these cases the dis-

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mooted. This doctrine has been steadily gaining ground, and probably we

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which spring delicate h)^hae terminating in pear-shaped conidia.