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dent Sui-gical Officer. Salary £1.30 per annum, with residence, board,
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sanitary bodies of Scotland, and by far the larger part of the
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Vote of Thank? to Retiring President. — A vote of thanks was
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eines Augenarztes," Leipzig, 1890, reprinted from the Deutsche
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The existing law provided against sU''h places. The medical otficeriLlr
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not bear being touched in that part. Dr. Austin stayed all
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shown, the growth appeared to be a sarcoma. The patient
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vided an education for women in literature, art, history,
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British Institute ot Public Health can assist the Sanitary
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The extensive estate and pleasure grounds, worth 5,000,000
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sutures, and the boy recovered without a bad symptom, being
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Tliioat and Ear, F., H.:iii. Oprradon Latjs.—\. Tli. F., :j.
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tions began in 1867. It lasted 29 days, the next longest
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frequently deferred, than in the case of most science ; and
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Board a voice in the matter ? What amount may I hope for ?
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revealed nothing not already well known. The highly
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S'i"ACK, E. H. E., INLB.Cautab., appointed Ophthalmic House-Surgeon to
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Eed-lead and resin from the am-tree, grind to powder, and rub down in
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Dougia" J Drummond, R J. Edwards. W. B. Edwards. S. English,
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Pouparfs ligament below. It fluctuated indistinctly: over it the deep
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Friday will be none the less serious because it does not
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■ of the sugar which invariably takes place when a patient
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aid of an artificial limb he could walk a couple of miles with-
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RoTAL Free. Hours of .ittcndancc. — Medical and Surcical, daily, 2;
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salts, found only ferrous salts in the urine, but ferric in the
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gestation ; whilst in 3 of the cases the evidence pointed
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children the history might be absent, the characteristic
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as it is now for six months. He had a bad pain over the right eye occa-
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desiderata, and that both of them had consented to receive a
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■visited the office himself, as did both his predecessors, and he had re-
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miglit appear. In treatment, alcohol should be reserved en-
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taries: F. Charlewood Turner, M.D., and *Anthony A. Bowlby ;
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but it is worth pointing out that they have in a measure
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iron in the urine— a result which has been amply confirmed.
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1877 the reception of inebriates in a retreat was a compara-
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after all, the cholera bacillus may be merely " a necessary aid
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First, as regards the drugs that act beneficially in diabetes
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timely contribution to a subject which is likely to be
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tion should be called to all cases of uncertified deatli, in
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of long experience in the highest administrative posts, from
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observations which the patient makes upon himself," and we