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or whether this acid was in combination with ammonia and

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the students of the Liverpool Royal Infirmarj School of Medicine

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necessary condition to overcome muscular resistance which

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He was admitted into the hospital on the evening of the

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and pathological results. Dr. Gairdner suggested that in the

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Journ.il for the insertion of a few notes of the case.

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There is now slight pyrexia thirst and rather dry tongue.

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lege of conferring degrees and diplomas. Empty privilege for

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fumery Pharmaceutical Preparations of Gold Adulteration of Bread

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must confess it was most alarming to him to find a medical officer

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ing while It graphically described the ravages of the fatal malady

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In robust habits emetics cathartics and antimonials

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if we were to judge from the comparative examination of

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on some of the points mooted at the meeting of the Medical

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share in the reparative function but are kept by it iu a

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renal calculi after injiu y to the loins and incontinence of urine in

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by many of the highest practical authorities on the subject

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pighian capillaries and the arteries which supplj them