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7 p. M. Still better; bowels freely purged ; has swallowed eight ounces of

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according to his own observations, this therapeutic agent, administered by

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crystals; no casts. The perineum was torn to the sphincter

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try : W. Dudley, asst.-surgeon 32d Infantry ; John Carlln, 85tb

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" I am happy to find that Dr. Anthony T. Thomson is a firm believer in a

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for two weeks she was suddenly seized with pain, which

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tions exist between osteopathy on the one hand aiid massage

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tory of healthy parentage, having herself enjoyed good

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than two weeks caused an extraordinary eruption followed by

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always impairs, when it affects it in any way, the motor

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assistant-surgeon, 27th Infantry, U. S. Vols. ; Major Joseph N.

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ungen zu weit, so laeuft das Mittel Gefahr, ehenso rasch

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bear a triple relation to the brain; the disease extending from the brain to

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level with the gum. The present tumour made its appearance two years

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The following communication in a recent medical periodical,' by William

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method is to have the applicant remain in the office for one

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one each of varicocele, gastralgia, acute bronchitis and remit-

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the needle was freely used in exploring the kidney substance,

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by cutting the corpus cavernosum, as one would with a saw; or by washing

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right to expect that the profession will accord them the privi-

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There will be three leading discussions: "Gastric Ulcer,"

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student, who might be deterred from studying an important and now indis-

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twenty-third year, at which time he began to suffer from bilious attacks.

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with all the crippling effects resulting therefrom, or

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slightly larger than the left; both were somewhat irregular

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medication the stools contain 23 per cent, less than found in

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Archives of Ophthalmology (Nevy Rochelle, N. Y.), March.

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but the incision was found to be too small to admit of its extraction ; the

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facts and experiences that are especially connected with

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this treatment, and will reserve the report of my con-

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course. Neither the patients nor their offspring have suffered. All of the

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actively in the important work of medical societies.

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the peculfeir phases of medical disorders that have been re-

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I Biologic Proof of Derivation of Albumin in Nephritic