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recumbent position for operation. This may be avoided by
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Iodide of Potassium in Hemorrhagic Endometritis. -Silvestri
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more refined diagnostic procedure. Large quantities of blood are found in car-
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Kwai M. J., Tokyo, 1899, xviii, 1; no. 8, 1. — Knbano
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is withdrawn by puncturing and cupping and in this way the poison
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There are seven occurrences of biotos in the Iliad, all in the
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thing is abnormal. Excessive in atmospheric pressure, and daily variations of
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" First, it may be a sensation of fulness and throbbing, and of distress
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at the Philadelphia Hospital, showing the di.stiuction be-
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potass, or nitrat. potass, may be added — by the one determining
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also point to tuberculosis, while the tissue now, in the absence of that
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with Casel's treatise, which was being prepared, though it was not
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Inflammation of the Ureters in the Female. By Matthkw D. Mann, A.M., M.D. 125
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never before have we had in our ranks so large a number of well-edu-
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spinal affections in which they more particularly occur are those in which
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on board ship during the voyage from the west coast of Africa. It is
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work of white fibrous and yellow elastic tissues. A few
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made from within by digital exploration, and the use
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constitutional criminals, represented by moral insanity and pro-
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to effect any improvement. What is the good of piling on fuel where
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$280,994.71, for apparatus $16,093.54, for books $17,563.17,
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visit, I was informed that nry patient was not yet aware that she had
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and Pathological) shall be Original Fellows or Members, without entrance fee,
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as in the cases of Halsted and of Schwartz, has followed injury the
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2. Wong-Staal F. Gallo RC: Human T-lvmphotropic retroviruses. Nature 1985;
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nearly a minute, when the head was again straightened, when the
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evaluated promptly. If there are problems with oral
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Two of these at least are of pathological import, viz., the Filaria
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internal structure."* The ancient name of this disease,
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or sacculation of the pregnant uterus, forming appar-
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tagious character of the pre-eruptive stage, at least toward its latter
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he would receive an ample salary during his residence in
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ments which are of benefit, as shown in the reported cases
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Hiccough, when it occurs, usually comes on in the late stages of peri-
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tosis, but when the termination was postponed for three or