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He next searches for the continuation of the canal at the bottom

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shown to have an essentially beneficial object and tend

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such an eminence which has apparently afforded speedy

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rapidly. They have one distinct nucleus sometimes two

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the reporter leans to the same conclusion which I have been

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its direct action. Mr. Paget in his College lectures had spoken

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present collected are insufficient to establish it as a law that an

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tionable whether the lens would remain clear of the pupil.

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The meetings of the Ashmolean Natural History Society

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vacant by the resijination of Mr. Henrj Mitchell. The gentleman elected

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The President observed that he should inform the Society of the

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of which these clinical notes are intended to refer it is

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statements if every British practitioner who has experience of

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little blood was lost during the operation. The woimd was brought

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mentioned till after a large quantity of blood had been lost

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action in one of the favourite Colleges of a favourite University.

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Of the seven hundred graduates of the University of

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recent meeting of the Medical Society of London was exhibited

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upon examination the polypus is reduced to the size of a

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yourself as a statesman but would certainly eventuate in

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tioned college of medicine the name of The Newcastle upon

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inclining the body of the microscope horizontally as the sphere is

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mistake I shall take the liberty of repeating in what that hypo

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semblance of truth are we to condemn as some have done

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larged. The knee presents in an aggravated form the

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young Cephalopod ivhen excluded. Concluding remarks on the In

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of narcotism from the effects of the extract of hemp which the

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her beneficence will not deprive the young child of its suitable

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have been unable to procure any evidence by the action of solvents

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they are for the most part of their extent unclad by epithc

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pneumonia or the purging and vomiting which often arise