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from heeding new views in general are indolence, pride, and

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down, or as soon as the patient is visibly losing ground," says Mikulicz,

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more frequent with tumors on the left side. It is occasionally

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spected its wonders with as much curiosity as if he had

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superior strait and the foetus extracted during the

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reports the case. A man of 69 suffered from chronic enlarge-

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the prevention and treatment of venereal diseases. In

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I have also a card of Sir Rickman Godlee 's (a nephew of Lord Lister),

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of such diseases, should extend over from four to twelve hours, according

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incurred for diagnostic work on a non-hospitalized pa-

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systematically and thoroughly discusses the whole sub-

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5. Yellow wax 3 oz., common turpentine 3 oz., black pitch 1

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His influence on the development of medicine was perhaps chiefly

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creatic duct opens a good way below the orifice of the ductus

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8 years; I'Hopital des Cliniques, from 1855 to 1861, 7 years; I'Hfipital des En-

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2. The report of the Northern Ohio Lunatic Asylum for the official year

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vims is introduced into th& general circulation or rubbed upon the mu-

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upon whose request I am pleased to slate them herewith

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to dwell upon this peculiar and interesting function,

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it are easily overlooked but because it may recede for a time, and then come

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hospital and medical school on the new grounds of the University.

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powerful motive to influence surgical practice, in the fear lest

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he was given duty in the Medical Department. He practiced

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authenticated cases enable me to express myself very decidedly.

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The cause of the spontaneous loosening and death of the osteomata is

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the mischief : congestion of one lung, through which the heart

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board against one of their fellow-members of incom-

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duction, which approximates a warm-blooded to a cold-blooded animal,

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was menorrhagia; in the other, left orchitis with slight effusion into the

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rigor, intense abdominal pain, and exquisite tenderness are early symptoms.

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rupture of a small aneurysm. Bright did not recognise that

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public mind a mingled feeling of horror, vindictive-

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mass of faeces and the finger ; what this was I cannot say beyond

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make the curative serum properly; (5) the serum will