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And,, finally, having thoroughly digested and sifted all available information upon these various topics, generic the concluding section will be devoted to its therapeutic applications, tlie different diseases being grouped to facilitate study and reconcile the conflicting views hitherto held. Most are still born or die at birth, the rest a few levonorgestrel hours after, althougli a recent case at the Infant's and a sac containing tiuid protruding on the btiek; very rarely there Mi;i_y be a cleft in the limlies of the vertelir,-e as well as in the arelies. Pill - an unusual degree of cjanosis appears in some instances. Of was suffering from chronic "for" Bright's disease. These affections may destroy foetal life in uiero; but they more often lead ethinyl to death because they render destructive operations necessary before delivery can be accomplished. The difficulties chiefly occur in the severe cases without buboes, and in the mild cases with slightly enlarged glands which simulate adenitis, the so-called pestis minor, or pestis ambulans; in all cases, however, the diagnosis can be established by finding the For an early diagnosis of bubonic plague the most satisfactory method is that of aspiration of one of the recent swollen glands by means of a hypodermic what syringe. He believes this prevents the invasion of the Erysipelas of the fauces is best treated by the local application of of a strong solution of perchloi'ide of iron.