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in order that he might undertake extensive research in European

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cally, and without consciousness of the 'surroundings, and with

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relatively large and big. They are i, 2, 3 centimetres in

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has taken residence at No. 75 West Rutland Square, Boston. Dr. Congdon has

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She has given considerable attention to gynecology and

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of lectures in the Long Island Medical College, going the following

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Cases Analyzed" (International Med. Mag., Phila., 1894-95, Vol. 3, 710-719, 2 pi.).

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pneumonia as the pattern and model of all inflammations. Sir

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it is a matter of astonishment to see him mike a vaginal

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autumn of 1882, and entered the second year class of Harvard Uni-

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degree of the University of Bonn, entitling him to enter into the

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typical. They are contusions ; longitudinal fissures ; fractures

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no means exceptional to see a case of articular rheumatism in which no history

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nerves, represent the most interesting lesions of the soft

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healthy. She expressed herself in bitter terms about Dr. ,

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Being thoroughly imbued with that spirit of independence

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Brooklyn Surgical and Pathological societies. His clubs were the

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The general condition becomes very much aggravated if the muscles of

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of the present article of having avoided the issue, which, if true,

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In the labors of charity, in the devotions of her Church,

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during his active career his services were in demand. In 1881 he

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disease, with stoutness of body, with good or fair appetite, and

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schools, and by special tutoring. He received the degree of Doctor

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energies to subjects congenial to their experience, such as the

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and his family are members of St. Gregory's Catholic Church.

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castanuwF* cured rapidly. No return ; two years since. Have

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tions and sequelae, since we should merel} T repeat what has already been said

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by the advice of Dr. J. Heber Smith, who maintains that it has

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he enjoyed the rare privilege of personal acquaintance with

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tions of anaemia to pathological changes in the hematopoietic organs.

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ing muscles. This is seen most often, and in its most typical form, when there

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plied to chronic disorders following contagious gonorrhoea ; and

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would materially facilitate the diagnosis, but it will be interesting

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vinced, attracted wide attention through the medical and secular

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the presence and growth of these bacilli was the primary cause,

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cure, which may or may not be beneficial. The faith, so called,

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gifted few to greater and more generous exertion. It enables

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