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Dry Gangrene. — The treatment consists in keeping the part
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upper part of the lower bone of the thigh behind the stifle joint.
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If the urine remain in the bladder for a long time, the hemoglobin
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murmurs disappear, and hence, probably, has arisen the idea of the good
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Male, aged thirty-five, car-driver, twelve years ago had
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ferred from the index. In such a case the direct calculation of K,
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even in the most favorable cases (that is, when the drainage of the soil shall
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To the Editor of The Philadelphla Medical Journal: —
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Detention Camp, Fla., and assume command. August 25.
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conilotta del medico perito nelle lesioni colpuse. Gazz.
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— J os(5 G. Mend oza^ gives an extended sketch of his work in
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the middle of the foot did not leave a serviceable limb
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taneously causes in the dog the occurrence of albuminuria
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with the afterwards Queen CaroUiie that first brought Dr.
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point, and equal mixtures of colours belonging to both sets, are
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epidemic or not. An examination of the deaths in the metropolis (London),
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but who, now-a-days, would resort to such treatment? I
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for the accomplishment of the delivery. It is in these cases that
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occurs in a case of fractured spine, or of cerebral haemorrhage, or of the
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with high temperature, we only add fuel to the flame
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M" '" *'•'''' 'li'l'ii III ir...iliirM- in ihr linni: liii,/. riyln mimihI - ^^ill, ,, \],-\,\
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Case CXXX.* — Chronic Laryngitis — Topical Applications — Recovery.
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rarely intermittent, is intensified by any movement or extension of
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sprinkling a little salt, then mix with water to a smooth paste ;
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with equal parts of balsam of Peru and castor oil(/v).'' — p. 119.
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passion, not one but would have given a share of the ovation
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circumstance to find soldiers killed by gunshot wound in remarkable
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This preparation is a protein-free suspension of specific antibodies
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weeks before the formation of the abscess, there is little likelihood that