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I was not aware that epithelioma of the ear was so rare as Dr. Rod-
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Mrs. C, first seen on February 24, 1920, on account of loss of
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and has obtained a recofrnised qualification in Piirpery.
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fluid is often mistaken for spermatorrhoea. In the white, finothy, or
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the whole time of the epidemic. All authors are agreed that
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1887 Ormerod, Joseph Arderne, M.D., 25, Upper VVinipole Street, W, (C.
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and Floresco showed the interchangeability of the iron in food with
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* Pure powdered iron. It nearly corresponds to ferrum redactum. — Tr.
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Examination — Mentality, e.xcitable. degree, and the patient at the end of this
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came cold and mottled, and the foot was ansesihetic. There
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endorse the statement 'that -"no honest and aensible sur-
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Fig. 6.— Showing late results of cavity formation. The central parts of the cord, into which
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Medicine, and received Certificates to practise, on Thursday^
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He had had chronic otitis media since childhood and
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examination and the issue of clothing and equipment. At night they
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this complaint, may be produced, either by the direct effects of pressure
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fore it is fried. Serve on stewed red cabbage, or mashed pota-
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restlessness, lessen the pyrexia temporarily, but they