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greater weight in forming our opinion of betterment.

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ism was about 75 per cent, above normal at this time.

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superior vena cava or both innominate veins, the venous channels at

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or other resemblances may be transmitted. It is possible, indeed, that a

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which only faint traces of elastic fibres are recognizable. . . . The

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chylous skin discharges, or infrequently as in chylous ascites. Lia-

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that the poison of influenza can induce abnormal acceleration, irregu-

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years, and that the increase previous to 1911 was at a more rapid rate.

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very thorough examinations of all parts of the nervous system in this

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Definition. — Angiomata situated near the anus and consisting

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with recurrence in 1914. The sum of these recurrences is 150, with 18

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employment of artificial respiration effectively prevent this result,

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syphilitic disease commences by periarteritis, the lymphoid tissue

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manifest in enlargement of the liver and hypersemia of the lungs,

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1 The following article is an attempt to bring into order the very numerous recent

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anemia and carbon monoxid gas poisoning. In 1914 Sellards 1 esti-

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nervous origin the attack should cease more or less suddenly and

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Gummata are rarely seen in the thyroid gland (Ziegler !91 ).

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nate hereditary pellagra. It occurs in a very severe and a very mild type. It is

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It follows from this fact that complete diabetes in man exists when

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cases of exophthalmic goitre. In examining the thyroid gland it

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store. The quantities of meats and other foods sold were investigated