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the University of Vermont, in 1916, conferred upon Dr. Albee the
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solved to devote his life to the study and practice of medicine and
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The Century for February is even more entertaining than
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allowed them to follow the advances made in military surgery.
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Whereas it is befitting that this body should take suitable action to attest the
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nated official duty to personal convenience or private
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In the Manchurian campaign these symptoms of irrita-
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This committee would now take occasion to remind homoeo-
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with its uncertain results in wounds by ordinary bullets,
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who have treated the fracture. What we have described
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the Hospital Graduates* Club. He has been secretary of the Physi-
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His "Thesis on Massage" received honorable mention.
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in his profession which places him lar along in the ranks
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a quotation which physicians in general would do well to accept
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that Idiopathic rupture is no very rare occurrence. Among
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teen months afterwards he served as interne in Bellevue Hospital.
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of his profession in New York City, in which he has continued suc-
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The following are a few of the ways in which small-pox is
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of the large veins, but bleeding from these last is very much
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ent. He is consulting physician and professor emeritus at the Post-
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obtained nearly always without loss, or^ at any rate, without
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that is determined, the power of its physiological antagonists
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State Hospital, Ward's Island, New York City, as junior assistant,
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four years and ten months. He has been a great sufferer for the past four years from
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structor in Surgery in the Long Island College Hospital for six years
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lai arrangeinents of liTe will not meet. Let the sociologist
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reduction in normal quantity, of the chemical elements compos-
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Pa., he began to read medicine in 1S77, and attended two
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useful are reduced iron, which is absolutely pure iron in a very finely divided
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She niartJL-d Louis I'. Minard, a Mexican veteran, in
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lost on the battlefield of Gettysburg had not yet ceased.
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surgery in Bellevue Hospital Medical College in 1875, but retained
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the South he offered his services to his Stale. He was ap-
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a "bleasing" manner was nothing, unless the tone were " bro-
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were 101; in February, 120; in March, 153; in April, 180; and
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the Omaha Medical College for six years. He is a sound,
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able to be taken in the stage of collapse, were administered in
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served, perhaps, in the body of a person who has suffered
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