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but as being entitled to special notice in view of the fact

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intelligent physicians and surgeons with culture, science, and art

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uterine cancer — once smelled, not easily forgotten. I

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pyrexia present. The pulse volume is full and its rate increased

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tioner. Lond., 1897, lix, 593-598.— Tookcr (P. 'G.) Case

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History. — T. kominis was described by Linstow in 1902,

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kerchief dressings, splints, plaster of Paris dressings, position apparatus).

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ciation. There is, therefore, certainly no lack of organ-

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among cases which have special nervous symptoms all those

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the regurgitation is immediate ; when, however, it is low down, as at the

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dence of being infectious. So in England, as late as 1855,

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ther emphasize the value of light energy from artificial

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symptoms of collapse either during or after the administration of resorein. He

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the epidemic began in October and reached its acme between the fifteenth

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trifling was that difference. Here, then, is a second instance of an af-

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with active tuberculosis, therefore, about 5 per cent.

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after a certain lapse of time, these inflammatory phenomena decline,

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disease also exists with regard to human diphtheria. Therefore,

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zoology, in general, with parasitology, bacteriology, and

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also gave no reaction. Salicylates and benzoatcs gavt^

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Mr. Treves saw him in the train as he passed Chieveley the morning

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the University of the City of New York, where he graduated in

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place; the tumour was then tapped, and allowed to drain

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clude that there exists in the exceptional cases an epi-

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Some diversity of opinion exists with regard to the treat-

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2. " That Mr. Brown has amputated the clitoris entirely on

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The Treatment of Pelvic Inflammations Through the Vagina. By William R.

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as splash, roar, ring, thud, crack, whiz, squeak, crash, il-

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and monochrome. Cloth, $5.00, net ; leather, $6.00, net. Lea

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the leg, — of course I am speaking now of extreme cases, — the next