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times gave rise to serious results. A specimen, showing the

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the heated metal channel that supports the wick, the gateway

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a possible cause of parotitis. Birch Hirschfeld says :

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is, indeed, a sorry admission that the medical schools

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ever requires its use. It will always reduce the living power in man, as

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to injurious medication, and also — a very important

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immediately jiroximal to which was the tumour. The tumor in

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because, firstly, the parasite may be found in a leucocyte if carefully

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crease in size in the gall-bladder when there exists com-

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after the o])eration. If this were a fact, he doubted

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diould give to suffering hamanity every possible chance for

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Revue Internationale des Sciences Bioloo^iques. Revue Medicale FranjaiseetEtrangSre.

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Coggeshall, a student of medicine, who is very familiar with the process

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the depth remaining pin-point in size, whereas those which come to

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century, it had never previously spread over any considerable part of the

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with a host of new ideas in connection with the mani-

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antero-uterine or retro-uterine connective tissue, it is more apt to take

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the operating table remained quiet, and the thermometer in the rectum slowly descended

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(b) Syphilitic lesions conform to two conditions, one of time and

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different sizes and forms, so that we may not be taken una-

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small irregular, but soft, distensible cicatrix, 5 mm.

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faces in contact, without constricting the bowel, [g.b.w.]

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anfractuous, empty, and lined by a smooth serous4ike membrane. AnotlMr

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MICROSCOPIC PREPARATIONS, consisting of sections of

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such bodies in the food is a strong argument in favour of a liberal

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the organ, the stomach assuming the appearance radiographically