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electricity has been hitherto very unpromising, although the pains of

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briefly repeated, since his experiments were more thorough than those

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tions had to be discontinued in consequence of the onset of septic pneu-

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erman, of healthy constitution and muscular fvame. He had been suf-

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fying material in contact Math a large absorbing surface, so that pure

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mends the ap])]ication of compresses wrung out in cold water to the

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In Dublin, which has a pure water-supply, but where the soil is satu-

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erally, do not manifest the disease proper until years afterwards ? The

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machinery and drainage ; and in cities it must be filtered through cotton

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ciated with certain definite symptoms, including a rise of temperature

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followed by a re-establishment of the current and slow return of the

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the irritability of the constitution, it diminishes the frequency of action

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" A few days ago I noticed in the American a very seductive article

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dency to profuse sweats, a pulse but little accelerated, and a pyrexia, if

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I adroit that opium will allay pain and irritation, and that excruciating

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less than three such cases in butchers' wives. In some of these the odour

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speedily recognised, (b) If membrane be unobtainable, the platinum loop

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Prognosis. — Enteric fever, even in its mildest form, must be looked

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localities adjacent to it that we will consider these under one great head

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hours from the beginning. The poison causing these symptoms is a

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follows they must be constantly borne in mind by any one seeking to

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injury, and the response to it. Thus immediate death of tissue cells is

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Mr. I., in this quotation, speaks of an attack of convulsions after de-

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furuncle be kept perfectly clean no such crops occur.

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The tube should be removed as soon as possible, nor is it too early to

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rabbits are capable of destroying hundreds of bacilli before their resist-

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altered reactions the constant current also, five minutes with each. The

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us in any such sense as is scarlatina. It may be asserted, then,

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She now took food in large quantities, enough, it was said, for three

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focmd three descriptions ; one similar to the one he had been describing,

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of cotton wool, both half rolled, also with the poultice jacket ; the shirt

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No treatment was recommended, except rest for the eyes, the appli-

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