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predisposition to these explosions in the nervous system

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gococcal disease in other countries.^ Twelve of these

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termediate remaining unaffected. To the cause productive of this

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sary, and Professor of the Theory and Practice of Physic.

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subset of 59 patients that completed the path but had

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quence of pressure against this membrance, rupture takes place,

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surgeons, but seek the most depending point in the chest. While thus desiring to

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trance into the malignant tumors, forms a cone-shaped tumor, 1 to 2 cm.

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regurgitated through the nose. He was greatly emaciated, and I began

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that they might be red blood-cells of small size presenting some change

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our intention, he usually warned us by saying, " Mind what you are

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with 3 gi's. of pilocarpine sulphate; the latter to increase

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death, had taken no kind of nourishment — and in other observations which

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argument against the treatment if these benefits were not con-

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of Twenty-five Guineas; and if his age exceed forty

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bination with other drugs. A favorite prescription with me in these

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first reported fracture of the neck of the femur in a

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be wiped with a soft napkin to remove exudations or

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and that the Society will vote in the end to present

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partially conscious, and when asked how he got hurt, replies

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have been replaced by fibrous tissue. Some of these areas are infiltrated with

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. . . Pain, which is sometimes severe and colicky, does not always

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members, fulfilled by it, he had no objection to its being

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periods of the disease, are essentially the same as in other serons inftlB-

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are probably factors in some cases. All authors are agreed that it occurs

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as a theory of mind. Ought, then, a doctrine so entirely

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ileum was not remarkable. At the end of six hours the head of the

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In the completed work we have presented a mirror of

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cavity is somewhat rare, and must be distinguished from blood-stained

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except a rupture of the perineum and the uterine prolapse mentioned,

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ordinary speech a memorial recall of words in the great majority of

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troublesome throughout or returns during the latter part of the attack.