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much Irydrochloric acid that we can call it an actual hypersecretion (vide Vol.
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Course Nuti ^r 3ABRyS30, Veterliiafy Soec1a1ist> In terms of criterion objectives
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ease is chiefly confined, as in playing on wind instruments; but in many in-
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consciousness, with the eyes closed, the muscles completely relaxed, and a
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is more clearly perceived than simple touch, is explained by the fact that
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ftext, a rabbit eats the contasiinated plants. Induction of the^^egas-lntp the rabbit*
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Lester Reynold Dragstedt, Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Surgery.
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paraesthesiae, in the affected portions of the skin. The patient has a feeling
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Synopsis of the Cwrriculv/m. — Mrst Yea/r : Lectures — ^Anatomy, one
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attend at this College a third full course of lectures in all branches,
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^J»I^M^%e^rwifit Quality Asiuraiica for Frtah OUry JroAict*
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excitability (slow galvanic contractions, etc.) may sometimes be made
olmesartan medoxomil/amlodipine/hydrochlorothiazide fixed-dose combination in hypertension
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Bologna are amongst those once sought by students from all countries,
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is of the greatest practical importance. It is important to know that cerebral
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Students of this IJniyersity who do not reside in the city, on applica-
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papers on yeterinary science are read and discussed by the mem-
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Second Term, lecture: M.-S., 8:00; laboratory: W., Th., F., 9:00-12:20, Saunders
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are not a permanent parasite, that is. they frequently leave thelr^st^ ^'
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The cardiac hypertrophy just mentioned is the result of the contracted
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course, £1 lis. 6d. ; Zoology and Comparative Anatony, £3 10s.;
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a distinct reaction of degeneration in the muscular fibers that are still left,
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even years may elapse before the pain entirely disappears and the leg com-
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Among other symptoms we will mention first the interesting associated
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(and other optional factors) If specifications cover several grades or types, and proxide
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24. Bisulphid of Carbon. — (Workers in rubber factories.) Vomiting. Se-
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ice, disinfecting mouth washes and gargles, tonics, and cautious feeding with
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have little to say, although sad and lachrymose if addressed, and complain
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Beebe, Milton Omar, Jr., a, w, sp, Honolulu, T.H. S.B. (Simpson C.) '35.
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begin its work of destruction. The condition of the pupils especially is of
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such cases that began almost 'suddenly, without demonstrable cause, and usu-
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license, letters, testimonial, or other title, status, or document as may
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slowly. The most constant among them seem to be hemiplegia or paraplegia
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than two, but cannot offer more than five subjects ; and if he has
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312. Physiological Genetics. — Discussion of the problem of the control of life-
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disturbances of sensibility in the mucous membrane of the mouth are
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peripheral nerves, since painful thickenings are sometimes said to be found
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dle feeling " of tabid patients — that is, the sensation of a band tightly en-
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may show the mental deterioration which is the chief characteristic of the
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date from the earliest infancy. Occasionally, however, the symptoms are first
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Autumn and Spring. Nose and throat, 16 hours; ear, 8 hours. Dr. Kenyon will meet
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ing year. Pupils must attend at the hours appointed for going round
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other subjects in the faculty of a more general nature.
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years eonseeutweh/, except with the special written permission of the Bean.
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Richai'd Ford Foote, M.D. St. Andrew's, Constantinople.