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only mentioned to deny their correctness. Mr. Skey still
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in my testimony were not stated without consideration or formed
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Nutrition in. rticular Cartilages amp c. and lecturer on anatomy
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gular or as Funke terms them enigmatical bodies about whose
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cending Skiddaw. The jury returned a verdict for the defendant
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and the word practitioner with doctor or surgeon. That many
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dued two or three drops of diluted prussic acid to
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poisoned not by one but by a repealed dose of a powerful narcotic.
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selves if every means were taken to allow the expenditure
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applications as the black wash and a solution of nitrate of
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the base inches was prominent from the surface of the limb
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them tnis week Dysmenorrhoea by Dr. Rigbt Malignant Tumour
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in support of this opinion were that in perfectly healthy livers of
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or three days. Examination of the rectum showed the existence of
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that the warm water dressings may be applied by the nurse
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the integuments. Cold water dressing was directed to be
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cess is the internal use of iodide of potassium. It operates
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keeping the oath they took when they were admitted to the membership
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fortnight my little patient has been residing in the suburbs