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pauper lunatics in asylums registered hospitals and licensed
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would result from the separate publication of his Table published
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on this subject. How an examination confined to anatomy and surgery as
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ment in regard to the existence of the globular litbate I shall take
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London has been referred to the consideration of a Committee by
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during that period in fact scarcely a man of the regiment
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tact with the mucous membrane of the stomach to which expe
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surgeon Edward Booth from the Staff to be Surgeon vice
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am not disposed to adjourn the case. Your servant should hare
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liouse in the parish of Aldridge more thnn two lunatics without
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syphilitic cachexia. In the absence of sufficient data it is
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with caustic potash. This test is often not available in deter
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late colour and apparently completely gangrenous giving out a
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that he ever performed and which his editor Bichat has justly
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surgeon can have no motive for asserting that a patient has uterine
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The functions ot the heart or the circulating organ are
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addition there were midwitViy cases. Admitted since the
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operation is admissible in the shoulder and elbow of doubtful
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regarded as possessing great talents and likrly to obtain a high
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his congregation by saying to them in conclusion Put the
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of tying the external iliac artery. The patient being very stout
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members of the University and further that he has.assisted the
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fact the patient himself thought that he had regular ague.
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But Andral states that out of cases of pneumonia the
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months they had frequently been so painful that for weeks
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It was proposed to remove tlie limb at the shoulder
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of the body so perhaps diabetes may be taken to result from
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