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shall be decided by the medical men attached to the Bureaux
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Eye and Ear, $3,664; Flower Hospital, $10,000; Polyclinic,
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cles bestow on the eyeball, place its axis in the direction of the
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States to attend and speak at the annual meeting of State societies
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Sandalwood oil, methylene blue, salol, balsam of copaiba,
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for about fourteen years. I was asked to see him, on account
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the results of my experience in the practice of our common art. I
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place. Litten claimed that he had found thrombotic occlusion of the
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other. The dying sensation, however, I have more frequently
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disqualifying character, so-called orthostatic or postural albumi-
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There had been no cough since the operation. Feeding and
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lectures in Cleveland in three days. On another occasion he lectured
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and continuous observation, demanding protection to
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opinion the exciting cause is the hepatic cocciilium.
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was green — that is, inoculated within a few days of
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three qnart« of liqaid, some of which was injected by the undertaker. The
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faculty of man, genius, with the most pronounced im-
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forgot that in countries free from malaria, cold alone never causes intermittent
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the hysterical, are more liable to migraine than others ; and even that
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ied from strychnine in some form or other. I have heard the evidence of
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survived the third year without recurrence, seven died without recur-
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thirty clays immediately following the date of its promulgation. — (Order of
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Professor of Dental Physiology and Operative Dentistry.
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are 4 kinds of antistreptococcus serums: (1) Those produced
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that the price went up to $15,700, or 16,751 United States money,
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however, frequently counted as many as eight and ten in the same
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3. Hewlett, A. W.. and Barringer, T. B. : The Effect of Digitalis on the
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