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person in ever took small pox a second time. The fate

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intense acidity appears to be the intermediate state between

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deal of pain in the situation of the disease. Poultices were ap

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Medical Times we never considered that the. dmiralty

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She bore other marks of her condition such as hair on the

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the matrix they have a delusive vesicular appearance. The

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emphysema in the course of many cases of hooping cough had

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the lower portion of the auricle was enlarged to the size of

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conferred the cross of chevalier of the military order of St.

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being engaged The cases adduced by Mr. Gregory Forbes

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Tice Crerar appointed to the th Foot. Hospital Staff Assist

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whatever had passed naturally after the first two years although

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of a Briti..h or Irish University admitted by the Committee on the

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cause the prevalence of easterly winds are yet patho

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passed through the orifices of the uterus. Now in the healthy

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M. ft. Half to be taken immediately the other half in two

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to assure your honourable Board that we consider Mr. Jones fully

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Causes Diagnosis and Treatment of Obstructions of the Intes

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On visiting her in the morning I found that a firm fleshv

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sulphuric acid with cinchona as well as a few doses of

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diately went to the patient and questioned him as to the

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Posl mo tem Examination Eighteen Hours after Death. Legs

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of public institutions we shall only notice a few. Patients

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strong objections to the use of the ligature in the treatment