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At the s.ame meeting of the Court Mr. William Ellis Ham

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others are the statements of men who have observed loosely

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is never made before puberty or at an advanced age.

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pound nuclei on the addition of acetic acid. Many of these

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attention drawn to this subject because much has of late

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occupying its upper and anterior part. This was bounded in front

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to say it is probable that the whole subject of exudation of

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of water and albumen from the kidneys and healthy lungs. The

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hair as is necessa.y tor the satisfactory application of plaster and

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ities Causes acting tirectly upon the osseous framework Rickets

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cipated in it also. The operation which was rather a tedious

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rough surface showing the previous attachment of the placenta.

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puscles of the blood of man agglomerate together much

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Diagnosis must be the same whatever course of medicine is

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Duncombe from Finsbnry by Lord Dudley Stuart from Mary

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at their connexion with the humerus were carious and the

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the natural process of growth have attained a point at which they

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drawn olf vnA equal parts of port wine and water injected.

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rectum met with obstruction at four or five inches from the

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M. Brierrede Boisniont relates the following interesting case

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to take doctor smedicine of various kinds and from many

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Marjolin Cloijuet Orfila Velpeau and a host of other illustrious

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ing tlie operation is not unimportant. Liberal allowance of

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wliole of its records. The alleged cures in the Vienna

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enlargement of the uterus by an external examination an internal

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tion two abscesses larger than walnuts had extended to the

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circle drawn by the hand of exclusiveuess around St. Paul s.

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become tortuous and turn backwards into the deeper por

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July a certain noxious drug called savine with intent to procure

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induce an early appeal on the part of the patient or her

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semblance of truth are we to condemn as some have done

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Further notwithstanding the facility of the puncture mis

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small and in fact atrophied a condition at once manifest when

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and has to my knowledge been confounded with the re

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These gentlemen had previously been admitted members of the

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the necessity of laying up the limb in order to favour their