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at the precedirg period. AVere Dr. Ramsbotham s view of the
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The parts were loosely brought together on account of
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deaths in London from this disease amounted to in from
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quamation of epithelium from the urinifeious tubes the
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nipples she had the same symptoms as her daughter viz. deep
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classes into which these sores are distributed. Of such the
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affected. The pain in the head and vertigo were both less
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find a remark relative to discoloration of the hair after ringworm of
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may assert that I have never seen a case of oophoritis or of
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a hernia on either side the testes were small and the vesiculre
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more breathless than usual and was obliged to rest before entering
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The movement will succeed doubtless but it is the opinion of
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has been resorted to with effect to relieve patients of this
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the right side. The patient on whom this operation was performed
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Profession. Tlie cause of medical reform is advancing
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paroxysm of mania was indeed the ilnpression produced on
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several men and officers including botli lieutenants are laid up
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more readily than that which happened in parts yet open to mental
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they consisted causing them to assume this peculiar form and
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Mr. Macilwain c nsidered that the operation in these cases
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fore it comes through the artificial opening and prevents it
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of our Universities and to take part in the education of
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