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instant relief. The wounds are filling up though slowly

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Gentlemen Before the business of the evening commences I

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shall merely refer to the chemical constitution of the liquid

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occuned in the large majority of cases of pulmonary apoplexy.

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a deadly poisonous gas from these organs takes place which when

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the returns of the Admiralty give the following items as

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Chenevix Esq. of Ballycommon King s County Ireland for

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mitted will be selected for the purpose of clinical instruction

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was great swelling of the cellular tissue of the neck beneath

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of the patient. In another instance we shall find just the

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pain increases in proportion. The removal of skin occurs

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injuring the coats of the bladder. He must say he had never

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PLYMOUTH and many others lately cured with the delicious and

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The Council can now appeal with good grace to the public

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blood vessels and that it was merely eliminated by the kidneys.

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measures. It wouid also be desirable to ascertain if there be any

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Foot to be Staff Surgeon of the nd class vice Ceilings appointed

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He was one of the sanitary inspectors of Birmingham and for several

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from Lisbon with the small po.x on board. The disease broke out

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