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head. They will often deny that they have any shortness of
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had always enjoyed good health, but was very nervous, having been
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cause amounted to about two thousand five hundred dollars. The hospital all
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" The examination, if not so difficult and complicated aS
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of any agent from reaching the diseased glands ; it must therefore
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3. Swanson AB, et al: Classification of limb malformations on the basis of
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Gasserian ganglion (hasmatoxylin-eosin). Note chromatolysis in ganglion
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in so far as the altered atmospheric pressure is concerned,
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difference in the type of wound one sees : the great laceration of the tissues
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with a deficiency of urea and an excess of uric acid and other by-
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it might be well to stitch the uterus up first and tie the sut-
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eal and astronomical, which govern the exterior world, it follows as a necessary consequence,
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pean Continent are adduced to prove spasm of the diaphragm or
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British Homoeopathic Society — Homoeopathic Hospital, Bloomsbury, W.C.
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II Haller, Elementa physiologiœ, t. iii. p. 304. Lausanse, 1766.
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out any warning, took off all his clothing, rolled it up, and
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press unless I have something new to say, I merely wish to
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The occupations followed in civilized society, and rendered necessary
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restrictions which beset Medical education at present.
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colored, and sometimes presents an oily appearance. And yet, even
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sutures. Sinuses are as often due to the drainage-tube as to
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slowly interrupted chain-current caused contraction of the extensor pollicis
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2. In the lobar scleroses of children, what is the nature
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It is only within the last forty years, that the chemical na-
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" Another very common symptom is hyperaesthesia of the whole nervous sys-
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preferred to postpone a contemplated operation for two or
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cord with normal tendencies. In brief, all the manifes-
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found three main groups containing respectively 48, 17, and 8 per cent of the
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presented to you, if you proceed to examine the urine, (as in
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by the President, Dr. Rowland. In the discussion that followed some
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constringing the lax vessels, and firming the flabby
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infiltration by the tumor mass. There was a good deal of hemor-
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number of cases originating. In 1910 the mills were shut down at
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The cyst is generally oval in shape, its length being four or five inches,
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simple summer roseola, but an eruption very analogous to rubeola.
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such a knowledge of pathologic histology that com]>rehension of
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cation took place, which we could only attribute to contraction or