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cases, care being taken not to continue it too long. If anaemia be associ-
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membranacea). (Jaz. lek., Warszawa. 1892. 2. s., xii, 602-
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speciiic choleraic discharges, may communicate the disease
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should be required to possess a knowledge of embalm-
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pressly stated that the crus of that side was unaffected. . Charcot even
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element of asphyxia to the situation. When, however, the demise
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latives were so little prepared, that they did not suspect the na-
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The translation of Dr. Putzel has been faithfully executed ;
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tire number of cases reported amounted to about thirty-
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demands, to overcome it, but at the expense of great personal
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not only mental characteristics to her progeny, but phy-
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disease was being spread, and the children at all times made free use of
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for and watched with interest by those who have themselves been
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7 he Minnesota Radiological Society — Speaker, H.
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hours. Fees: AAP Resident or Candidate Fellow or Allied
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longer continues, and its removal is effected by excision of the
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mettle and anxious to prove itself second to no military corps
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possible, and perhaps it may also be owing to the political difficulties
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were not n- they thought they were. "Thin-- are seldom
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other important structures in the near neighbourhood. Thus Prof.
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Crad. Well, as you seem to think affections are all traceable to
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could for a moment throw any doubt on its identity ; but there was a very
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similar results ; all of which seems to show that however dilBcult it
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Wartman found, in Germany, the same history in 130 of 452 epileptics.
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serves to remove the obstacle, which has hitherto resisted all
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the large majority of cases of midwifery. It was taught, he
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through the other vascular areas of the brain. In and around the com-
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lesser amount of pleural inflammation. Pleurisy is wont to accompany
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* Others, agjain, are physically as well as mentally impotent, while eating
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reflect that there is no occasion for one-half of this waste of human life,
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experimentally inoculated from cow to cow, instead of being perpetuated,
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aminations, especially before long cruises, and about sputum disposal.
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tention to be able to save the eyeball. By leaving the
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tions about the blood-vessels ; cellular infiltrations in the nerve tissues
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100 pages. Price, $1.00. Published by J. B. Lippincott Co.,
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M.\NU.\L OF Practical .A.xatomy : Thorax, Head, a.nd
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but unfortunately, they are so numerous and deeply seated, as to
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The consonants are mainly buccal sounds, but in many there is an
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cavity was found a gangrenous appendix, 5 inches long, with
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remain until the next evening, when the douche should
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The entire building is to be devoted to hospital uses
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and action, and teaches the restraint and command of temper, emotions and
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point. The anion and cation are therefore thermolabile, and the undis-