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case being subsequently cured by the application of digital com-
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reverse is the case when these same doses are given in con-
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of the so-called non-restraint system, while others have gone
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that the dose should be taken an hour or an hour and a half after
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the recent laboratory experiments. Maryland 3Ied Jour. Vol. XXXVIII.
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Retroversion of Uterus cured by Local Depletion 177
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the condition will not be likely to return without the rem
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and it is only when they have been clogged and over-distended
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the citizens. We were totally unprepared my visit, I found this nursing babe who
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First, the extenal pressure cuts off or prevents the increased
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early resort was made to incision ; but where, on the contrary,
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ear, or of mucus and pus intermingled, is usually denominated
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the fourth month. If at the end af twelve months the register shews a
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The injury to the patients results from iar with the disease) would probably not
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of these resins is due to their solution in the bile. Hagentorn
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21. That considering the rarity of organic change in the valves
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peutlc value, which is exerted In and beyond the stomach.
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Relative value — gr. xl of extract invariably = £ 5iv of
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Comte calls the theory of organic media and the art of medi-
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actual energy ; and hence it is that the effect produced in both
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lime-water. Instead of this, the principle he is anxious
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laudanum, is the best and surest remedy in its treatment. The fol-
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mals affected have been subjected to like conditions of life.
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pleaded diminution from the beginning of be stated that the alleged "dirt-eating" in
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adhesions further embarrass the appendix etiology and bacteriological considerations
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sometimes of small calculi in various parts of it, the « of
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Maunory in 1819 ; it has been alternately approved and de-
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ficial muscles, and not involving at all the wall; the union of which, gives strength
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She had been known to be sick but a few hours. The examination was
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of blood in the right cavities and in the large venous trunks.
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ternal pressure, id the vessels and their ruptured and gaping
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way. The point selected was just in front of the bulb. The pa-
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the male, the existence of various muscles surrounding it, the po-
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siderable power in this respect, if any at all ; and yet it is said to
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salt solution is not limited to making up the normal salt solution as described in some