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Immunity. — Our present knowledge does not justify the position that any

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usually because they know no better. This furnishes so large a proportion

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pulse noted, and the blood-letting maintained until there is

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the pneumococcus can sometimes be obtained from the blood of patients


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convinces the writer that antitoxin must be considered one of the greatest

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good family history, may be assured for a short period of five

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reply to the claim that antitoxin causes albuminuria. In 16 instances the

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excessive mental or nervous effort or strain. Klotz, 1894,

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on the culture media. Those found in the blood are frequently plumper

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first two weeks there is little change in the red cells but usually in the third

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injections. One turn of a cotton or linen bandage, or a

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from predominence of certain symptoms, and from the presence of compli-

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may be applied but opium should not be given. Tapping the distended gall

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Sinai Hospital, Xew York, pneumonia was the etiological factor in 182.

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gangrene and abscess the typhoid bacillus may be obtained in pure culture.

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the kidney lesions by the evidence given by an examination

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before the onset of the characteristic s;s'mptoms. Of 5,000 cases observed

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generally overlooked by medical examiners, viz., the in-

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may appear during the attack. One patient, a pregnant women, remembered

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and leggings should be worn, and upon retiring the person should see that

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deafness may occur from the same cause. Paralyses of the various motor

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ence in private practice, know how insensibly the physician

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the chief and his alternates, though I do not think the selec-

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rheumatism in an epidemic form; its comparative indepen-

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of dilatation of the heart, and not of a large effusion. Ill-omened symp-

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During the coughing there is protrusion of the spoon-shaped tongue. After

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believe that scarlet fever is due to a streptococcus. Heubner, jMarmorek,

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and give him an opportunity to try and slip his man in an-

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from camp in a boat with another man's wife and that the

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names have been given to it, Murchison quoting nineteen. The eruption

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The eruption on the trunk is later in appearing than on the face or on

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(purpura variolosa). The duration of the initial stage is usually three days.

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Pathology. — No autopsies have been reported, and the only lesions known

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disease during the Boston epidemic in 1901. Characteristic initial rashes

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ment. Blumreich and Jacoby found that, experimentally, splenectomy did

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implanted in sterile sand remained alive at the end of eighteen months when

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was under no moral or other obligation to make the truth

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vaccination, depending upon sanitation alone, shows that until our ideas of

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affection, however, that the toxic local action of the alcohol

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vices. There may be some difficulty in agreeing exactly as

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through the mouth. Bayeux says this method is particularly adapted for