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tation of the capillary veiTels *. The fmell emitted
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We shall next give the ideas of M. Lugol on this subject, and it will
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instance, as a lobster's claw). These were especially resorted to in pain-
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but he remembered words well. The delirium and heminS
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the disproportion of the deaths of "other than cabin
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gical, and philosophical inquiries, under the name of the
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cretes an acid substance during its functional activity. He
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Lesage 1908 ; (5) E. tetragena Viereck 1907 ; (6) E. phagocytoides.
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"Local Diseases," under which are included, first, affections of
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of the tongue will be further qualified by dryness and glistening appear-
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Dr. Tanner referred to a case, the exfoliated membrane obtained from which
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fessional interest are solicited. The Editors are not responsible for the views of contributors.
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clinic. I have taken blood cultures on 32 cases, in-
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tary science; although in this instance he limits him-
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led by my belter judgment to urge, yeaeven times change, new conditions arise and all
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that come in day by day from the various committees
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"otherwise incurable obstructions in the transmitting
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rent, and then to see what next could be done in the way of
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with any foreign body. By the touch, and speculum, per vaginam, I
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paper, but I thought it would be of interest to look
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in cases of genital sclerosis, and in those cases in
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are used in veterinary practice in Maryland for the purpose of facilitating
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by using the Volpino-Bertarelli or Levaditi's silver staining, as
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avian tuberculosis could be retarded in rabbits. He took twenty guinea-
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the fact that the better social condition of the poor in this country pre-
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physical and physiological action of light energy. This
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Experiment 1. — Sept. 1, 1916. M. rhesus 50, injected with 0.5 c.c, intra*
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out of the hospital quite well. He will notice that
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By shifting the screen from one eye to the other, the eyes
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hydrates, but this is not quite right, inasmuch as only the break-
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which one could distinguish them from the other cases, and it
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The form of respiratory curve obtained in some cases of simple basic
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of the country, a very large proportion of the cases
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These questions are necessarily viewed by the general
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fulfilled licensure or other requirements imposed by
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for this end do not weaken too much the action of the heart; and we must re-
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thirst and to promote the elimination of toxic principles (leucomaines)
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the forward area, the same patient often, of course, reporting sick repeatedly.
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dolt-like, but the disease is in general more hopeless. Feebleness, want of
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Salkowski has never been able to find the pepto-toxine
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bulging of wound; i>ower and sensation returning; optic neuritis and swelli ' iding ;
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Anatomy ; C. H. Hughes, M. D., Nervous Diseases ; Harry
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-iilK-iwi t'riitii Ih\k1.i> lie .iiid iiiu'lit ni ire. b'Uli .>t wliiili -\ inpinni- di-
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to it, there are now many on record. As a rule they begin in the fingers,
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does" it in order to represent himself to the public as a
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