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bladder I ordered a catheter to be introduced three times in the
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conduct to a correct opinion and the diagnosis has still to
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of pain. He sank gradually and about eight days after the fit
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wished. The general symptoms which remained were those
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whose name in the annual oration is kept alive upon their
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Confining our views more particularly to tlie former it is
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amount of disease as to cause us to wonder how the petition
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amined as he stated to Dr. Lee some six hundred bodies of females
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the fractured bone. Pulsation was now distinctly perceived
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cleanliness and the ventilation and sewerage of their dwellings
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Xehmann O. ialic formic acetic metacetonic butyric valerianic
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distinctly increases the amount of the earthy phosphates in
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constantly insisted on the separation if the whole Profession
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pregnancy and the state of her breasts. She had had three children
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found totally inadequate to meet the pressing exigencies of the
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and repeated doses of opium. Subsequently to this seizure he was
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cases of amenorrhoea and chlorosis depending on or accompanied
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of the pharyngo laryngeal membrane by local applications by Sir
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There arc certain facts which aflTord a remarkable con
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June but awoke in the night with a severe rigor fol
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its medicinal effects was apt to act as a poison upon the system.
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when successively exposed to atmospheric air oxygen hydrogen
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tubes could be found. Many tubes were filled with recently
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I Chef de Clinique the blood at the time of delivery was
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of a third test can alone save you from saying that sugar is
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with serum hut otherwise normal and without tubercles. Old
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to hospital with the view of obtaining for them a little temporary
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more to accomplish in the cure was rapid but Mr. Syme heard
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of the piovincial Fellows whose avocations and distant re
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every requisite for the Surgery all of the purest and best quality by
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Microscopical Examination of ihe Heart. It should be stated
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tween them is their re action upon test paper. If I take
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had neither been submitted to the President and Secretaries nor come
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pain on evacuating the rectum. Sympathetic derangements sub
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this circumstance is the cause of sterility nevertheless the indi
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frequent and therefore the imperative necessity of watching over
up Mr. Bradley of Greenwich had supposed that Mr. Fergusson
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process from hour to hour. It is not so however in cases of
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stances they were so large as to present more obviously the charac
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the benefit of your readers the numbers of graduates in arts
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show you a satisfactory proof of the fact stated by M.
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loosely covered and washed with cold water or salt and water twice
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few turns of a roller. The whole was then drawn forward
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of the mucous membrane of the os and cervix uteri both his
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day. The bowels were confined urine moderate in quan
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are now discharging tolerably healthy pus the edges looking