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different is the aspect of a case under the expectant treatment, and

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article of food is milk, which it is well to dilute with plain water (or

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more or less success from the earliest days of medicine. About twenty

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broncho-vesicular breath-sounds and with or without subcrepitant rales.

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rods in a blue field (background), while if gentian violet has been used,

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full ]iay and all allowances for services rendered to the army,

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symptoms. Defervescence is by lysis. The skin is bathed in a copi-

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sides of the sheet have a casing through which is passed a wooden rod

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Paths of Infection of the Body. — (a) Almost always the entrance is by

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tobacco, let him continue it to the full extent of his enjoy-

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the characteristic " rice-water " appearance. Rarely they are distinctly

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it, will he not use too much of his own albuminous tissues to

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of the vascular areas of mammals; and these are but a few of dozens

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for this purpose hot water alone has been found useful. Besides its

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we get a clue to the action of thyroid in helping diabetes mel-

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for the ruin Sheridan had brought on him in the Beau Monde

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All of this is of the utmost importance in medicine. When

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perceptible. AVlien recovery ensues convalescence is tedious.

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Guernsey cows produce the best milk for cream, but not for

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time. She then sought advice from Dr. A. A. Smith, on account of severe in-

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last season still hanging, truly an enchanting scene, and the

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before the end. The causes of emaciation are chiefly the persistent fever,

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that irrigations were given in St. Petersburg was twice ; occasionally a

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There were two buildings. The one nearest Chestnut Street

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vomitus and sputa, should invariably be treated in the following man-

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