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Clause I. Repeal of Statutes. This clause repeals certain
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of the University and augurs favourably for tlie advancement of
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ing much longer. But in respect to the first class it should
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from paralysis of the bladder in females after injury to the spinal
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prepared either by Dr. Musgrave or the Speaker himself.
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here as elsewhere. Nature has more than one way by which
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up in the generative system consequent on the escape ot an ovule
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The immense store of information aflic rded by the wards of this
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cation selected for their class will be higher than what may
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cnipfohlen und augewendet wurde als beim tripper. Eiseitmann.
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following The great mass of steerage passengers or emigrants
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Under this head will be found a careful and faithful
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that the abdomen was tympanitic very painful and tender to the
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on board the Mcdway on her voyage from Rio passengers
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vasion. If these circumstances are not attended to as I
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nervous temperament and who dated his disease from si.t months
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rise to excessive inflammation. I have known this to be the
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Mortality are arranged by Dr. Wm. Farr and the conclusions
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wards the outer part of the anterior chamber. There was
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that neither the man nor his father were ever so affected is
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laid before the British P.irliament. He must see lastly medical
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ble patches of ossification had been completed. This ossi
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Petitions are.about again to be presented in favour of the con
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tion from a journal article it may not be uninteresting to abstract
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titioners. By means of that miglity lever public opinion we
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less excretion. I ought to have put it in this way The fluid
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which sometimes proves to be altogether uninfluenced by
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Til E Anatomical Lecture. Messrs. Ackermann of the Strand
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Instead of remedying this by using other aliment the infant was
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from it while its influence on the system is injurious. Sulphuric
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time since at the time I was reading Mr. Birkett s work.
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contained a few minute crystals of oxalate of lime. On March
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the day. The urine was constantly albuminous occasionally
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or rustling of trees while on the other hand persons living
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Treatment. T e treatment of the case was strictly anti
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annoying to them and not unfrequently of serious consequence to
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interesting and useful results. Cut off by a brief illness in the
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tion and severity and her general health rapidly declined.
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