probe into the larynx it came upon a hard substance which it
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for some time to be acutely painful. Upon examination I
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lung was also emphysematouf and congested in large patches
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Acute Rheumathm tiulU Pericarditil Complicalim Large
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and ventricles the fibres being finer laid less thick upon each
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tube until they quite disappear near the middle of the cap
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ology in accordance with which the movement of nutritious
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management I am inclined to underrate the importance of
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ticular mention while at other times the pain may be more severe
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Mr. Fergusson made a small puncture into the abscess for the
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him for a time to discontinue his work and to seek for medical
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is attended with a gradually increasing deposition of oily
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vessels often appearing to the naked eye as if isolated from
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aged he was quite conscious the eye and face calm pulse
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dkeleton. as a whole influences the external form of the body Definition of
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enlarged one of the openings in order to give the matter
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that when ihey are pressed together the edge of the lip is thrown
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marked relief and the tumour of the scrotum quickly
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hypothesis it is allowable in order to facilitate investigation
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which doom the woman in most instances to this periodical
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seldom called for the preventive treatment consisting
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to the neck and leeches to the sub maxillary region com
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there is a large healthy looking wound in the axilla from which
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Mr. Simon On Operations for Retention of Urine occasioned by In
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much increased. Upon examination a polypus of a leaden