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subject of dysmenorrhcea is divided under two heads mechanical

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already so nobly supported Captain IJoldero in his eiTorts to

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penditure and the substances of which the bodies themselves

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saving to express my conviction that such obstructions of the

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ovule even in the virgin passes periodically from the ovarium into

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the condition of the hand and forearm that nearest the

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the growth by means of a speculum and lamp it is not easy

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lachrymation. A slight sense of pressure on the superiorlid.

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time after the dischai s e has appeared. Not uncommonly

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removing sources of external irritation in cases of inflain

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into perfect apposition. The lint and bandage became soaked with

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bad symptom after it and all his previous distress went

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of Pregnancy as giving the best summary of what is known on this

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is one of our best and most accomplished medical chemists. Medical

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SIR ALEXANDER COCKBURN Her Miyesty s Attorney General.

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meatus urinarius at this part but a faint groove which ran

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me the more weighty maintain were the reasons for your re

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are examples of an improper use of this instrument.

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Causes of Fever more especially that termed Yellow Fever

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of the spinal uerves but yet that they were not entirely regulated

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unfrequently formed within the virgin uterus which has

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of this agent administered during these operations by Dr.

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subject. The following is a summary of the statistical detailt

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momentary in from a few minutes to half an hour in an

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atmosphere and yet delightfully sheltered by the Plantationswhich bound

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of the skull caused by a brick which fell upon his head from

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dition of the ovaries through the rectum and by that means only

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facility of keeping open the artificial anus and the errors of

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before. I must tell you that in cases of this description

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gradually less violent. At half past he again slept for a

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of plants and in the ova of animals is remarkably illustrative

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venmient reward of. is still held out and that this expedi

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ance. In his own case the swelling of the colon showed where the

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Porteous surgeon K.N. since deceased when I laid bare

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to including cases of all the various diseases of the ear and

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spondingly quick extremities cold and features somewhat

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At the posl morlem examination of a male patient aged who

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but was restrained by appropriate medical treatment. The bleed

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quantities by the simple addition of hydrochloric acid to the fresh

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from the wound. Still pain in the wrist. General health

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incidental temptation to the contrary. But when he is asked to

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after the operation but a very considerable quantity was retained

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and endeavoured to place the limb on the side but was informed

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is the language of a looker on who as is apparent from

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some slight febrile disturbance but it is evident that the

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the orange coloured granules and the red crystals are Virchow

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